Case Studies

Engineering and Architecture Firm

This was a green field project. This professional services firm of approx. 50 people had no HR/Health and Safety function in place. The challenge was to build a Human Resources and Safety function from the ground up in a very busy environment.

Priorities were on legislative complacence and a high demand for professional staff. Working with the management team we completed a compliance review in order to determine the areas that needed attention first. In addition we modernized the recruiting process drawing in several different tools in an effort to attract and identify potential candidates.

The result, over time, was the creation of a lasting robust and sustainable Human Resources and Safety function that provided not only a legislatively compliant organization but also resulted in an edge over the competition via a targeted recruiting plan.

Long Term Care Facility (Unionized)

The challenge was to provide Senior Human Resources Leadership in a unionized environment on an interim basis and assist the leadership team in reorganizing the HR function to better meet their needs.

HRServices helped provide business continuity by placing a senior HR leader in the organization for the time necessary to find a suitable replacement HR person for the facility. During this time we worked with the CEO and management team to organize and refocus the HR function to better meet its needs. This was accomplished by reestablishing the fundamentals, and organizing the function in a way that shared responsibilities across the broader management team. The result was a substantial saving to the facility.

Nuclear Manufacturing (non Union)

The challenge was to assist the organization in a reorganization that would position it for the explosive growth it was experiencing. We worked with this organization to help with the redeployment and reorganization of the senior management team in order to have the “right seat in the right chair” This was accomplished by working with the senior leader through an evaluation process of the strengths and weakness of the current team and redeploying or developing strategies in order to make them as effective as possible for the organization. In addition we assisted with a recruiting initiative in order to fill gaps.The result has been a stronger management team that is able to lead more effectively out of a combination of depth of knowledge and experience.

Scientific and Engineering Firm

The challenge was to review the management structure of the Canadian division to position them for growth. HRServices worked with the senior management team to determine areas that needed to be reorganized and strengthened in order to facilitate growth. A recommended path for the development of existing staff and the recruitment of additional staff was suggested. In addition the organizational structure was reviewed with a view to creating a sustainable succession pattern for the development of some positions. The result was effective and controlled growth for the firm including opening a new office.

General Contracting Company

The challenge was to design a structure/model for this very successful entrepreneurial and innovative company to use in the creation of an Architectural and engineering firm. HRServices worked with the senior management team to identify and understand the culture of the company. This provided foundation for the design of the new firm.

Internal team members were interviewed and provided input and ideas in to the model. We recommended an approach that was team based and was coupled with a matrix that delivered the necessary education and career development to maintain a sustainable level of knowledge, both historical and developmental. In addition we recommended that the construction side of the business be involved from the beginning.

The result has been the successful launch of their new business. This business serves not only the internal construction customer but also outside contractors and delivers a smoother, timelier project.