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Over the past two decades, Rick Filsinger has gained extensive experience as a down to earth human resource professional with a “roll up your sleeves” approach. He has mentored and fostered the development of senior management teams and junior professionals alike, developed and facilitated the implementation of employee-focused programs and policies, and grown human resources departments from the ground up.

A certified mediator with extensive collective bargaining experience, Rick has worked with many different unions. He has served as a director of the Grand Valley Human Resources Professionals Association, and has written and contributed to several publications including The HR Reporter and The Globe and Mail. Rick has travelled across Canada and the U.S. investigating corporate governance issues, human rights claims, and safety issues.

Rick has also been nominated for the prestigious HRPA “HR Professional of the Year”,”Fellow award” and the HRM “Consultant of the Year” award.


Business leaders and owners need to focus on developing and growing their businesses. HRServices provides support by developing strategies and people-based solutions with senior management for “stuff” that’s getting in the way of progress. No matter what size of business, we can tailor a program that will meet your goals, your timeline and your budget. Your success is our success.

Services can take the form of longer term projects or one-off situations. Assignments can range from a couple of hours to several months. Our goal is to create effective and responsive support structures within organizations that promote success.

Whether you are a small or large business we can tailor a program that will meet your goals, timeline and budget.  Areas of specialization include:

Interim Management, Small Business HR Support,

Leadership Development, Independent Investigative Services

Selected Clients

University of Waterloo, Louisiana Pacific, WalterFedy, Rockwell Automotive,

Protexion Products, Babcock & Wilcox, Hespeler Furniture,, Service Canada

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